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Alarm Systems

Since 1971 SDS has earned our "word of mouth" reputation providing dependable and cost-effective protection for thousands of individuals, families, homes, and businesses. Our highly visible red stop signs and labels plus our signature "Valid"TM electronic warning system places SDS Security as one of the most recognized and trusted security companies.

Our Systems
The SDS Safe-GuardTM 5000 family of systems will meet your needs. From cottages and homes to large factories, offices, and institutions, SDS will provide you with a dependable and cost effective solution.

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Our Warning System
The SDS "Valid"TM Electronic Warning System is designed to deliver the additional evidence needed to prevent the break-in while reassuring you. Our "Valid"TM system achieves this by visually indicating to criminals that your building is protected by SDS plus reassuring you that all is OK before entering.

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Our Door and Window Position Sensors
SDS incorporates the highest quality "state of the art" sensors into our Safe-GuardTM 5000 Systems. Our sensors detect the opening of doors and windows beyond a set point. Our sensors will provide protection with your window or door partially open to accommodate fresh air.

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Our Glass Protection Sensors
SDS designs our systems utilizing two different technologies.

  • Audio sensing technology - This sensor is tuned to the frequency of breaking glass. These sensors are installed in areas where large open panes of glass exist.
  • Pressure transducer technology - This sensor detects the pressure exerted on the glass and creates an electrical impulse. These sensors apply directly to the glass and provide an excellent visual deterrent.

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Our Infrared Motion Sensors
SDS designs our systems utilizing three different application sensors.

  • Secure environment sensors - designed to protect a controlled and unoccupied area such as an office or home.
  • "Pet Conditioned" sensors - designed to protect controlled areas while animals or pets are present.
  • Harsh environment sensors - designed to protect outdoor, unheated, or industrial use areas.
These sensors detect the movement of body heat and differ in their processing. Our representatives will consider your environment as part of the over all system design.

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Operating Our Systems
The SDS Safe-GuardTM 5000 family of systems are available in three models:

  • Keypad - The user enters a code.
  • Portable Keychain - The user pushes a button on the portable transmitter.
  • Prox Card - The user presents the card to the reader.
All of these models provide you with an easy to use method of operating your system.

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Our Personal Emergency Alarm Buttons
SDS offers 2 types of emergency buttons.

  • Fixed location Button - The unit is installed by a cash register or bedside. This unit is always working at that location.
  • Portable Keychain Button - This unit is carried by the user and will signal the alarm within a predetermined distance.
Each unit has it's own advantages and SDS considers your application in the overall design.

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Our Carbon Monoxide Gas Sensors
SDS considers the detection of poisonous gases an important feature of your system design. The most common poisonous gas is carbon monoxide. The source of this gas is typically from fireplaces, woodstoves, and blocked furnace chimneys. Our sensors detect this gas and alert the occupants plus signal our central station. SDS has many different types of gas sensors available to meet your specific needs.

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Our Fire Detection Sensors
SDS employees two types of sensor technologies in the detection of fire:

  • Photo electric smoke sensors - Early detection of slow smoldering fires save property and lives.
  • Rate of rise or fixed temperature heat sensors - Heat sensors detect the rapid rise of heat from a fire.
SDS considers the application and environment in the over system design.

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Our Water and Temperature Sensors
SDS evaluates the potential threat that temperature drop and water damage pose in your circumstances.

  • Water sensors - Detection of water buildup from overland or sewer and sump pit backup, burst pipes, or failed appliances.
  • Temperature sensors - Detection of temperature drop or rise beyond preset levels caused by heat or air conditioning failure can be responded to well in advance of the damage.
These sensors area available to meet most specific needs.

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Our Critical System Monitoring
The SDS Safe-GuardTM 5000 System is capable of monitoring many types of sensors.

  • Freezer/Cooler monitoring - Businesses such as meat and food processing require exact temperature control. Our sensors will detect very precise variations.
  • Sprinkler System monitoring - Water pressure, water flow, and gate valve position require constant monitoring on most sprinkler systems.
  • Boiler System monitoring - Boiler systems must be monitored continually for functions such as water level, flame out, and water pressure.
SDS will provide the required sensors necessary to meet your needs.

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Our Monitoring and Response Services
SDS contracts SecurTek to provide our clients with the highest quality monitoring and response services available.

  • Monitoring - 24 hours per day SecurTek's central stations are available to take action. Their operators dispatch based on the signals received and your individual instructions. SecurTek monitors all critical signals, diagnostics, user information and account activity.
  • Response - SekurTek will dispatch their response service at a very nominal cost if and when you should require this service or if your key-holders are unavailable.
SDS is pleased to be associated with SekurTek and to have them provide our clients with this vital service.

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