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Electronic Care

Our Systems
The SDS Safe-GuardTM 8000 family of systems are designed to provide unique, cost effective solutions for our clients and their families. Our systems will enhance the quality of life plus add comfort and peace of mind.

I'm Ron Tayler, the President of SDS Security and I invite you to learn more about our solutions and how SDS can protect you.

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Our Medical Alert Systems
We provide medical alert systems that will notify our central station if the client is in need of help. These systems are available with many features such as "answer back" where the operator can speak with the client and provide reassurance.

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Our Wandering Alert Systems
SDS provides a wide range of wandering alert systems. They offer protection for your loved ones whether in a home or institutional environment.

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Our Nurse Call Systems
SDS provides systems designed for institutional care. We incorporate many valuable features to assist the care provider.

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Our Solutions
With rising health care costs plus the need for independent living, electronic health care will help provide the answer.

The SDS Safe-GuardTM 8000 system start @ $195.00

Leasing and time purchase programs are available on our larger system.

Contact SDS Security for more information or to obtain a quote

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