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Electronic Entry

Our Systems
The SDS Security Safe-GuardTM7000 family of systems are designed to provide our clients with reliable, easy to use, state of the art technology to meet their needs. Our clients and applications range from homes and offices to large production facilities with multi level access requirements.

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Our Entry Systems
SDS Security provides three basic methods of electronic entry:

  • Digital Keypad - Client enters a code
  • Proximity Reader - Client presents a keychain or access card to the reader.
  • Biometric Readers - Client places their finger, palm, face, or iris onto the read surface.
These technologies can be used in any combination if additional indentification is required.

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Our Locking Systems
SDS employs two methods when designing our locking systems:

  • Electric Strikes - This device is installed in place of the strike plate on the door and will allow the lock to pass when activated.
  • Electro-Maglock - This device is a large magnet installed on the door frame with a retaining plate on the door. The maglock physically holds the door closed and will release when activated.
Local fire regulations and means of egress are important considerations in the system design.

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Our Exiting Systems
SDS employs two methods when designing our exiting systems:

  • Exit release button - This is a release button that will release the lock when pashed.
  • Request to Exit Infrared - This device senses the approaching client and automatically releases the lock.
Both of these devices are used inconjunction with the electro maglock system.

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Our Programming and Recording Systems
SDS provides our clients with two options when choosing the most effective system:

  • Keypad programmed - This system is programmed by a stand alone keypad. This system is installed where extensive record keeping is not required plus there is no computer system required.
  • Computer programmed - This system interfaces with the client's computer and the software program provides the client with many features.

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Our Phone Access Systems
The SDS Safe-GuardTM7000 family of phone access systems provides our clients with a means of communicating with the entry door in any building and releasing the electric strike remotely. These systems are available in two basic lines.

  • Phone Line required - This system connects to an active independent telephone line.
  • Phone line independent - This system connects to the existing phone line in the building and does not require an active phone line system.
Both of these systems are available for your home and business.

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Our Intercom Systems
SDS provides a wide range of intercom systems designed to meet a variety of needs. Applications range from door answering within the home to communication between offices within a business. Contact us with your requirement and SDS will design a system to meet your needs.

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Our Solutions
The SDS Safe-GuardTM7000 family of systems will provide you with years of reliable and cost effective security.

Systems start @ $195.00

Leasing and time purchase programs are available on our larger systems.

Contact SDS Security for more information or to obtain a quote

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