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SDS Security
471 College Avenue
Winnipeg, MB
R2W 1M7

Ph: 204.589.7507
Fax: 204.582.5964
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Our Company

Since 1971 SDS has earned our "word of mouth" reputation providing dependable and cost-effective protection for thousands of individuals, families, homes, and businesses. Our highly visible red stop signs and labels plus our signature "ValidTM" electronic warning system places SDS Security as one of the most recognized and trusted security companies.

Our Safe-Guard TM family of security systems provide our clients with the finest value and "Peace of mind". SDS systems are easy to operate, fully expandable, incorporate the latest technologies, and can be monitored from anywhere in the world.

Alarm Systems Our Safe-GuardTM 5000 family protects your family, home, staff or business:

Theft / Intrusion / Fire / Heat / Freezing / Water damage / Gas Poisoning / Holdup-Robbery

Video Surveillance Our Safe-GuardTM 6000 family monitors your home or business:

Activity recording / reducing theft / robbery prevention / identifying criminals

Electronic Entry Our Safe-GuardTM 7000 family guards your home or business:

Unauthorized access / recording staff activity / keyless entry / remote door and gate control

Electronic Care Our Safe-GuardTM 8000 family provides you with:

Care for loved ones / medical emergency response / nurse call / monitoring patient movement

Over the past three decades SDS has seen and delt with extensive technological advancement and industry change. We have met the challenge by offering a robust product line that serves the continuing needs of our commercial and residential clients as well as personal assistance products for an aging population. We wish to renew our commitment to provide reliable and effective security solutions for individuals, families, homes, employees, and businesses as we have done for the past 30 Years.....


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