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Video Surveillance

Our Systems
The SDS Security Safe-GuardTM 6000 family of systems are designed to meet a wide variety of security needs. From remotely viewing and recording visitors to your home, monitoring and recording activity in your business utilizing a hidden wireless camera, to full control multi-camera systems monitoring institutions, SDS will design the system to fit your needs.

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Our Warning Signs
Our signs provide an excellent warning to deter criminals, however signs alone are not enough. The criminal will question the authenticity of the sign and look for evidence of cameras. Signs are the first step to help prevent crime.

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Our Cameras
SDS provides cameras for many different applications.

  • Hidden Cameras - small concealed cameras available in Clocks, exit signs, smoke detectors and many more Decoy enclosure. These cameras are intended to observe and record the criminal activity.
  • Visible Cameras - These cameras are visible and their intent is to prevent the crime. They can be housed in many different enclosures to suite the environment and application.
  • Dome Cameras - This is one of the more common camera types in use today. They are designed to make it difficult for the criminal to determine what the camera is viewing. Many of the domes are tinted and the camera cannot be seen easily.
The SDS Security Safe-GuardTM 6000 family is available in colour or black and white.

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Our Remote Control Systems
SDS provides camera control systems to enable remote positioning, lens control, and other functions necessary to capture the best picture.

  • Pan and Tilt - controls the physical position of the camera to capture the best angle.
  • Zoom Lens Control - controls the lens field of view. This enables the user to adjust the picture detail.
  • Other control functions - wiper and washer control, focus, and iris control are a few examples.
SDS provides control systems that can be operated from the camera site or remotely controlled from any computer connected to the web.

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Our Viewing Systems
SDS viewing systems are comprised of:

  • Monitors - view the camera pictures and are available in many sizes. They are available with wall or ceiling mount brackets.
  • Processors - Enable the user to view more then one camera. Units are available to display multi-cameras simultaneously or view the cameras in a full screen time sequence.

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Our Recording Systems
SDS provides two system enabling you to record the camera's image:

  • Time Lapse VCR - This system records the camera's image onto video tape. Time delay is available from 8 to 720 hours. The time and date are stamped onto each picture.
  • Digital Recording DVR - This system records the images onto computer disc. These units are more expensive then VCRs but have the advantage of being able to search for the information very easily, viewing the cameras on the web, and emailing or manipulating the video as you would a data file.
Either system will provide a reliable method of recording your cameras and SDS will consider your application and cost budget in the overall design.

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